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Welfare Unit

Our top of the range, towable mobile welfare units
are environmentally efficient and easy to use. These units are completely self-contained and purpose built for sites that are without water or electricity connections.

Welfare cabin

Our Welfare units are suitable for accommodating up to six people.  They are easily towed, one man operation to secure and manoeuvre on site and can be deployed in 3 minutes.


Provides a pleasant working environment, including the following features: toilet area, generator area and canteen area with seating, sink, microwave, kettle and heating system.


Generators will run for three hours for a full day’s work. One tank with 58 litres of diesel will last approximately two weeks!

Construction site

Welfare units are ideal for new or transient sites lacking in mains water, waste and electricity services, capable of independent use on site. The Portable Space welfare units are all the latest version of the Kompact mobile unit, with 12 volt lighting and diesel heaters they require less than 2 hours engine use per day, this not only saves fuel but also reduces noise and emissions in built up areas. Static welfare units are delivered by lorry whilst the towable units are delivered with a panel van or 4wd delivery is available on request for sites with particularly difficult access.

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Anti-vandal cabinWelfare unitsStoresPortable toilets

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