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The traditional workhorse of the portable toilet industry which has greater capacity than its, predecessor, easy to clean and an overall increase in strength and durability. Major design features include a cone shaped sump area with a double filter in the base of the tank. The stool/seat area is slightly angled and protruded. The door opening has been increased in height and a heat treated aluminium doorjamb for strength and rigidity.

The tank re circulating system is operated via a foot pump recessed into the tank.

We can provide a urinal, 2 types of washstand (dependent on legislation UK market)plus a locking kit. We can also fit in our Hot shot hand wash if required.

Portable toilets

Hygienic foot pump

All our toilets have hygienic foot pumps.

Full hand Sinks

Health & Safety full arm and hand sinks.


Exterior Height: 91in / 231cm

Interior Height: 82in / 208cm

Exterior Width:43.5in / 110cm

Interior Width: 41in / 104cm

Exterior Length: 47in / 119cm

Interior Length: 41in / 104cm

Holding Tank: 60gal / 227 L

Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kg

Seat Height: 19in / 48 cm

Portable toilets

Suitable for 8 personsSuitable for 16 personsSuitable for 20 persons

Portable toilet calculator

This page is our guide to help you calculate how many toilets you will need

for a construction site.

The construction toilets need to have a cold or hot wash basin which must be big enough to be able to wash the forearms.